Supermarket chain Lidl will place striking and sustainable food products on the shelves of more than 400 Dutch branches in the week of 27 June. This also applies to the three flavors of Gigi Gelato! Consumers increasingly opt for vegetable or sustainable products. With the FutureGoods theme week, Lidl makes these innovative products accessible to a broad target group. In addition, Lidl offers local suppliers the opportunity to be on the shelves of all Lidl stores with their unique concept.     Twelve companies are presenting their sustainable products at Lidl from 27 June. It is a way for the discounter to alternate the theme weeks around certain kitchens. Countless registrations arrived according to the supermarket. In the end, a jury selected twelve suppliers who were given shelf space.

Vegan products boring and tasteless? No way. Gigi Gelato, the coolest kid in town, manages to launch ice creams without animal products, but with the original taste of a creamy Italian gelato. You've never tasted them like that. Vegan trend The Dutch are increasingly aware of nutrition. More than 41 percent say they want a healthier diet and the vegan trend is becoming more and more popular. For the Dutch Ralph Barkmeijer (28) and the Italian Zeno Tosoni (28), founders of Gigi Gelato, the time to bring something on the market that is not yet there: ice cream without milk, without cream and without eggs, but with a full, creamy taste. And they have succeeded, because we can assure you: you hardly taste a difference with the "animal" variant. Unique recipe Gigi Gelato is unique in its kind. It is 100 percent free from