Gigi is made simply from whole fruits and veggies. While our creamy Gigi’s are light and refreshing, 100% vegan and low-cal, we only use the best natural ingredients. Each scoop is packed full of mouth-watering goodness. Get ready to dig in!

100% vegan

No milk. No cream. No eggs. Our Gigi’s are 100% plant-based, yet they are the ultimate creamy deliciousness.


Easy to scoop

No need to wait; Gigi’s are immediately scoopable right from the freezer!

Low in fat

Why would you sacrifice tasty gelato for your #bodygoals? Exactly, you don't have to! Gigi is low in fat.


Ridiculously creamy

Gigi’s secret? We developed a technology that substitutes cream with plant-based fibres. Gigi gelato is creamy without the cream (and the guilt)!


100% natural

Never made with artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Gigi is filled only with natural and high quality ingredients.


Pure fruits & veggies

Gigi’s are made from real fruits and veggies. We never use heat, so it taste fresh and nutrients are preserved.

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