Garden Greens



Garden greens – with a splash of lime

Eating vegetables just got fun! This delicious one is filled with green goodies to keep you going.

  • 100% vegan
  • Unique structure – smooth & creamy without the cream
  • Unique ingredients: real fruits & veggies
  • Low cal & low fat
  • Spoonable, straight from the freezer
  • Made with 45% of premium cold pressed juices

Dairy free – Gluten free – Free of chemical additives


Available in 500 ml


Gelato with fruits and vegetables: cucumber-apple-spinach juice 45% (cucumber, apple, spinach, mango, lime, ginger), apple juice 20%, oligofructose (inulin, water), maltodextrin, d-maltitol, glycerol, dietary fibre: inulin, water, stabilization system (maltodextrin / gum arabic / inulin / hydrolyzed pea protein / taragom / xanthan gum / guar gum), plant-based fat (coconut), lemon juice 0.5%, salt.