3 delicious toppings for your ice cream

Want to make your ice cream moment really special? Choose a delicious topping for your favourite Gigi ice cream! We present to you: 3 vegan toppings to make your ice cream even better. (You’re welcome 😉).

Crunchy chocolate dip
This one is for the real chocolate lover. Break your favourite chocolate bar into small pieces. Put the pieces in a heat-resistant pan (glass for example) and place it on a saucepan filled with some water. Keep stirring until the chocolate has melted, et voilà! You have made your own chocolate sauce. Dip your ice cream and sprinkle some pieces of peanuts or almond nuts on top. Enjoy!

credit cafedelites - best toppings for your ice cream

credits: Cafe Delites

Raspberry explosion
Great for Instagram, perfect for the sweet tooth among us. Have you ever heard of freeze-dried raspberries? Freeze-dried raspberries have undergone a dehydration process (flash frozen to -40°C) which removes the water from the fruit whilst retaining the shape and colour of the fruit and intensifying the flavour. The water is gone, but almost all nutrients are preserved! The result? Delicious, crunchy and nutritious freeze-dried raspberries. You can also buy it as a powder. After you sprinkle your ice cream with this freeze dried raspberry powder, make it extra special by adding some fresh raspberries on top! Happiness guaranteed.

Oeh la la caramel.
Easy, creamy, thick and dreamy. This vegan caramel sauce is made with only 3 (natural!) ingredients: natural sugar (like dates), coconut milk and sea salt. You can find dozens of caramel sauce recipes online, but this one will make you happy instantly. To make your topping complete: add some caramel pieces on top.

the bojon gourmet Vegan-Salted-Caramel-Chocolate-Swirl-Popsicles_-2

credits: The Bojon Gourmet

More inspiration
Looking for more inspiration? What about a crispy Oreo cookies? Or broken mocha coffee beans? Or mini pieces of vegan ‘stroopwafel’?