About Gigi

Who is Gigi?

One of the founders of Gigi is Luigi Graziosi. In the Italian language, Gigi is the short name for Luigi. He is an Italian artisan gelato maestro and professor at the ice cream school in Rome. - There is an ice scream school in Italy? How cool is that! - Luigi has been working in the ice cream field for more than twenty years, and is known for his unique flavour formulation, his profound knowledge of ingredients and sophisticated technologies. So, it was only logical to name our gelato after Luigi, the ice cream hero.


Ciao, I'm Gigi!

``Creating Italian gelato is my passion. Nature is my source. And I love fruits and vegetables. So I asked myself... How can I take all this healthy deliciousness and turn it into a surprising vegan gelato? By using only pure cold pressed fruits & vegetables with natural additives only. This way fruit and vegetables keep their pure flavours, vitamins, minerals, fibres and natural sweetness. And you get a delicious creamy gelato without the cream - and without the guilt. And to top it all off, these fresh new flavours will make you smile. They are creamy and easy to scoop, straight out of the freezer! Enjoy anytime, and take your time to enjoy!``

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