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Benefits of raw gelato

Curious why our gelato is 100% raw and cold pressed? Keep on reading!

Raw & cold pressed explained
A product is considered ‘raw’ if the temperature doesn’t rise above 48 degrees during the production process. Cold pressed means we press our fruits & veggies slowly and carefully. The cold pressed method allows juice to be extracted in its purest form without heat, keeping the vital vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and nutrients intact. All natural flavours from the fruits & vegetables are preserved during the process. It takes a little more time, but the result is a fresh, nutritious and tasty ice cream.

Raw food vs. cooked food
Some nutrients are easily deactivated or can leach out of food during the cooking process. Water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C and the B vitamins, are particularly susceptible to being lost during cooking. In fact, boiling vegetables may reduce the content of water-soluble vitamins by as much as 50–60%. Some minerals and vitamin A are also lost during cooking, although to a lesser extent. Many say it’s better to steam your veggies than to boil.

The temperature of our Gigi’s never rise above room temperature. Therefore all of the nutrients and vitamins are retained.