Do you know how these fruits & veggies grow?

We’ve all got a favourite fruit and vegetable, but most of us probably don’t know where they come from or how the plant even looks like. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 7 delicious fruits and vegetables showing how they’re grown. Some of them will definitely surprise you!

We love how this pineapple field looks. Funny – but great! Pineapples grow in the centre of a small plant that one bears a single fruit. And hey, do you already have a pineapple plant for your home? It’s the perfect plant for every fruit lover.

how do pineapple grow

Mmm.. definitely one of our favourites! Did you ever think about how artichokes grow? The artichoke is an edible flower bud, just like broccoli. We eat the artichokes before it turns into a flower. When that happens, they are no longer edible – but it does look beautiful!

how do artichoke grow

The date palm grows dates in great big clusters just underneath the palm’s fronds. These trees can be found in warm regions like California, Florida, and in the Middle East where the date has long been a staple food.

how do dates grow

Brussel Sprouts
Nope, you’re not looking at some wacky palm tree — that’s how Brussels sprouts actually grow. We’re blowing your mind a little bit right now, aren’t we? Brussels sprouts grow on large, hearty stalks. Brussels sprouts are tiny, knob-shaped members of the cole crop family, which includes other veggies like cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, turnips, and kale.

how do sprouts grow

They are planted more than six meters apart, but grow so fast that you get vineyard-like scenery. Approved. It is possible to grow your own kiwi plant. Want to know more? Check out this blog for all the steps to grow a kiwi plant from a seed.

how do kiwis grow

Are you growing leeks in your garden? Don’t look surprised if they have white and purple flowers in their second year!

how do leeks grow

Looks a bit like bananas right? Papaya originated in the lowland tropics of South America, but today you find papayas growing everywhere in the tropics and subtropics. It often grows wild, and every tropical food garden has several papaya trees.

how does papaya grow