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Favourite vegan restaurants in The Netherlands


5 years ago there weren’t a lot of vegan restaurants in The Netherlands, but that’s not the case anymore. In honor of World Vegetarian Day – Tuesday 1 October – we made a list of our top 8 vegan restaurants. How many of our favourite hotspots did you visit?


Mr & Mrs Watson is founded by best friends Aleid Koopal and Kirsi Rautiainen, who wanted to make vegan food more accessible. The restaurant is known for its selection of homemade vegan cheeses. (It even could be one of world’s best vegan cheeses you will ever have!). Fun fact: the place is named after Donald Watson and his wife – who coined the word Vegan in 1944. Good news: it’s open for lunch as well as dinner.

Are you looking for a great place for lunch? Visit The Meets in Amsterdam. A true mecca for foodies where the menu consists of 80% vegan snacks. Matcha green bowl, an acai bowl, spirulina pancakes, beet balls, lentil burgers, soups… The Meets has it all!


dr Watson - vegan restaurant -


One look at the Waka Waka menu and you’re in LOVE. All the food that is served is free of refined sugars and artificial additives. The restaurant looks beautiful – and the food tastes even better.

Another one of our favourites in Utrecht is The Vegan Gorilla. Here you can enjoy small snacks that you can share with each other. This spot also offers events in the evening with games, ‘useless facts quizzes’, tastings, DJs, or a Mariokart 64 tournament.


Fotocredits Waku Waku


Fotocredits Waku Waku


The Hague
Foam Catering opened its doors in The Hague in 2016. This healthy hotspot looks amazing! The menu consists of 90% vegetable dishes. The quesadilla is highly recommended! If the weather is good, It’s definitely a great idea to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Another great spot in The Hague is the cozy Veggies on fire. All ingredients that they use are locally grown and organic. Some ingredients are a bit exotic and spicy, like in the Chipotle burger.


Foam Den Haag

Rotterdam Backyard is a plant based restaurant with an urban “backyard” in the city center of Rotterdam. Although the base of every meal is vegan, you can add different kind of extras if you want to, like egg, chicken and salmon. This makes it the perfect place to visit with non-vegan friends.

Our biggest favourite in Rotterdam is Rozey. The restaurant is super Instagram worthy. Rozey is also the very first restaurant where you can enjoy unlimited vegetarian and vegan food and drinks for a fixed price. There are a lot of options on the menu, around 55 small snacks. This hotspot has been open since April and is definitely worth a visit!



Fotocredits Rozey

Fotocredits Rozey


Do you have any tips? Share your favorite vegan restaurants!

Photo credits banner: Waku Waku.

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