4 ways to get kids to eat more veggies

Kids and veggies can be a tricky combination. Thankfully there are lots of healthy and fun hacks you can use to trick your kids into eating more veggies.

1. Set a good example
Ever caught your toddler ‘talking’ on your phone or shuffling around in daddy’s shoes? Then you know that toddlers like to do what you do. This also counts for food. Set a good example and eat lots of vegetables together with your child. Don’t forget to smile. Studies have shown that if you smile while you eat vegetables, your children are more likely to want to eat them. Another secret: involve the kids in the cooking process. Go to the supermarket to choose vegetables together and involve them in the kitchen. Let them wash and cook the veggies for example. The more kids are involved, the more willing they are to try their creations.

2. Hide it
Kids are ninja masters of hiding vegetables. Sneaking their Brussel sprouts in the dog’s bowl or hiding broccoli behind the curtain. Yeah, that’s where the smell is coming from. But hey, so are we! Sounds like cheating, but hiding vegetables in meals works like a charm! Go for a pizza crust that is already filled with 50% veggies, like a cauliflower pizza. Or try a tasty wrap made from beets. And everybody loves spaghetti, right? Make a delicious zucchini spaghetti. Or add some spinach and carrot to a delicious fruit smoothie. The best place to “hide” vegetables is of course….. ice cream! Our Gigi’s are ridiculously sweet and creamy, and packed with fruit and vegetables! Try one of these flavours.

3. Don’t give up
Don’t give up after 5 broccoli failures. Did you know that most people have to try at least 8 times before they appreciate the flavour? Start with small, achievable portions. This way your child will not be afraid of a huge pile of veggies. Is your child really not in the mood for veggies? Just try again later. Forcing to eat usually has the opposite effect. Or the same cooked veggie now cold, roasted, steamed, with a dip or in a different shape. It might help. And did your kid the best he could? Reward good behavior with doing something fun together!

4. Incorporate more vegetables into a favorite dish.
Add veggies to dishes your kid already like, like tacos, pizza, or spaghetti. Filling tacos with beans and roasted vegetables can be a fun way for kids to try a new vegetable. Or let kids have fun choosing their own veggie toppings for pizza.