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Our goal is to make ice cream that’s actually healthy and delicious. With only pure fruits, vegetables and natural ingredients. And of course full of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Curious how we achieved that? Take another bite and keep on reading.


Did you know a product is considered ‘raw’ if the temperature doesn’t rise above 48 degrees during the production process? The temperature of our Gigi’s never rise above room temperature. Therefore all of the nutrients and vitamins are retained.
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Do you have a lactose intolerance or a milk allergy? No worries! Gigi’s are lactose and dairy free. Not only do we want to make plant-based frozen snacks that's perfect for everyone, eating plenty of plant-based food has many benefits. It's packed with fibre, an essential nutrient that will help keep you feeling satisfied between meals and help you stay at a healthy weight. But not only it’s good for you, plant-based food also benefits the environment. Adding more plant-based meals to your diet can help reduce your carbon footprint. Want to know all the benefits? Read our blog!


Why add sugar when fruit already contains natural sugars? It’s to get the creamy texture and mouthfeel of a real gelato, but without the cream. And without the guilt. Each ingredient we use has been carefully selected for its taste, structure and nutritional profile and is sourced from the best possible supplier. So you won’t find any refined white sugar & brown sugar inside. We add date sugar to create a natural sweet taste and great structure.

About our products

As lovers of great taste, we developed Gigi as a healthier ice cream solution without avoiding the pleasure of the gelato experience. Gigi’s unique flavours combinations are just as creamy as a traditional gelato but without the cream and the guilt.

100% vegan & plant-based

No milk. No cream. No eggs. Our Gigi’s are 100% plant based, yet they are the ultimate creamy deliciousness.

Pure fruits & veggies

Gigi’s are made from real fruits and veggies. We never use heat, so it taste fresh and nutrients are preserved.

Low in fat

Why would you sacrifice gelato for your #bodygoals? Exactly, you don't have to! Gigi is low in fat and contains only 90 calories.

100% natural

Never made with artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Gigi is filled only with natural and high quality ingredients.


Gigi’s secret? We developed a technology that substitutes cream with plant-based fibres. Gigi Gelato is creamy without the cream and high in fibre!

High in fibre

Getting your fibre intake never has been this easy. Our Gigi’s are high in fibre; essential for a happy, saturated and healthy stomach.