Gigi Gelato now in the freezer section of your supermarket

Vegan products boring and tasteless? No way. Gigi Gelato, the coolest kid in town, manages to launch ice creams without animal products, but with the original taste of a creamy Italian gelato. You’ve never tasted them like that.

Vegan trend

The Dutch are increasingly aware of nutrition. More than 41 percent say they want a healthier diet and the vegan trend is becoming more and more popular. For the Dutch Ralph Barkmeijer (28) and the Italian Zeno Tosoni (28), founders of Gigi Gelato, the time to bring something on the market that is not yet there: ice cream without milk, without cream and without eggs, but with a full, creamy taste. And they have succeeded, because we can assure you: you hardly taste a difference with the “animal” variant.

Unique recipe

Gigi Gelato is unique in its kind. It is 100 percent free from animal products and made from fresh, cold-pressed fruits and vegetables. That way you know for sure that the fresh taste stays and vitamins and minerals are not lost. In addition, Gigis do not contain any artificial fragrances, colors or flavors, they are gluten and lactose free, high in fiber and low in fat. You won’t get healthier …

“We have succeeded in making ice cream that is not only healthy, but also really tasty! The combination of fresh fruit and vegetables, without the addition of dairy products, makes Gigi ice creams unique. They are just as tasty and creamy as any other ice cream, “says Ralph.

But who is Gigi?

Gigi is the abbreviation for the Italian name Luigi. And although the majority of Italian men bear this name, the ice cream brand is named after Luigi Graziosi: an Italian gelato maestro and professor at the ice school in Rome. For over thirty years he has been busy with nothing but making ice cream and even has the Dalai Lama and chef of former President Obama in his client base. So it’s not surprising that Ralph and Zeno just asked him to help them with the development of the ice cream.

Different tastes

The Gigis are available in three different flavor combinations:

• Strawberry + blueberries + beet
• Mango + passion fruit + fennel
• Ginger + orange + carrot

You must taste this
Curious? From 3 June the ice creams from Gigi Gelato will be available on the shelves at Albert Heijn, Hoogvliet, Jumbo, Spar University and later this month also at Crisp. Check our store locator to see if they are in your store. Taste them and experience for yourself that vegan ice cream can be tasty and creamy at the same time. Meet me, try me, love me!

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